10 Year Anniversary of A Night of Hope

Welcome to A Night of Hope’s 10 Year Anniversary page. Included below is a list of our current and prior presenters that have helped to make A Night of Hope so special.

Our 2022 Speakers

Rose Karibuhoye

“A Long Journey For A Successful Refugee”

Katie Pelan

“Our Journey –
Community of Faith,
Lighting Our Way of

Diane Leffler

“Cancer Warrior”

Joanie Garro

“Lessons From My Mother”

Our 2021 Speakers

Lois Nigrin

“The Power of Prayer and Practicing What Your Preach”

Debbie Brenner

“Courage and Hope in the Loss of My Son”

Lou Rotella, III

“Life with Louie IV”

Anthony Conner

“Bigger Than COVID”

Our 2020 Speakers

Emily Peters

“Trusting in God Through the Valley of Death”

Chelsea Dembinski

“Keeping a Smile During the Darkness of ALS”

Angela Keiser

“Trust and Surrender: The Unexpected Gifts from Recurrent Cancer”

Keith Thompson

“Never Give Up”

May Keith Rest In Peace


Our 2019 Speakers

Pat Kiscoan

“Finding Joy & Gladness While Living with Metastatic Cancer”

May Pat Rest In Peace


Rob Casey

“Recovering from Childhood Grievances”

Mickey Manley II

“And Then I Could See” Recovering from Family Suicide”

Aaron Pennington

“God’s Protection on my Family as our Farm Burned to the Ground”

Our 2018 Speakers

Sam Cooper

“Thy Will be Done”

Dave Harvey

“Serving the Homeless”

Julie Dornisch

“A Butterfly Lights Beside Us”

Nicole Bianchi

“Finding Hope: A Path Of Bravery”

Our 2017 Speakers

Cheryl Hove

Mary McCawley

Paul Milone

Jake Marousek

Our 2016 Speakers

Kristy Gustafson

“Mental Illness and Addiction”

Jimmy Owens

“Roller Coaster Ride with Childhood Cancer”

Dave Carlson

“God’s Grace After Suicide”

Tammi Winchester

“Poverty and Domestic Violence”

Our 2015 Speakers

Jeff Kopietz

“Split Second Decisions”

Vanessa Hamill

“Finding Hope in Broken Places”


Karen & Jordan Stevens

“Macy’s Miracle”

May Macy Rest In Peace


Jennifer Taute

“Surviving a Child’s Addictions”


Our 2014 Speakers

Debi Marcil

“Life After Divorce”

Judy Cortese

“Fighting Addiction”

Bruce Bowers

“Breast Cancer”

Erica Bryant

“Cystic Fibrosis”

Brandi Preston

“Fighting for Her Mom’s Legacy”

Our 2013 Speakers

Lauren Hacker

St. Margaret Mary

Lily Dotson

St. Stephen the Martyr

Joseph Floersch

St. Robert Bellarmine

Courtni Kopietz

St. Robert Bellarmine

Cameron Killen

St. Robert Bellarmine

Jane Sibilica

St. Robert Bellarmine